Industrial Cleaning

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factory internal cleans “after” and “during” the process

The knuckle boom you see in the picture above was manouevered into position between heavy processing equipment in this large Material Recycling Facility at Gibson Island following expansion of the wheel base to ensure its stability for internal factory cleans.

Boom operators, who know exactly what they’re doing, get up close and personal (almost touching) the plant before rising up to reach across to the distant walls. Depending upon the position, the far walls can only be reached using large extension poles.

We can’t afford mistakes…the consequences are dire. That’s why we don’t engage sub-contractors for internal factory cleans or indeed any other aspect of our work. Experience is the key to a satisfactory outcome and none of our personnel have less than 20 years driving this heavy machinery.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of dust that settles on the blue bins and in fact if you saw them in the “before” shot you’d wonder if they had any colour at all. This makes for a serious fire hazard with up to 30 cm. of fine dust settled on top. It literally explodes when hit with the high volume water-jetting equipment used. Visibility is poor during internal factory cleans and the use of respirators, mandatory.

You know when you’ve hit the right buttons when the Client keeps coming back year after year and even wants you to go as far as Townsville to ply your trade.

They keep coming back because they trust us to “do it once…do it right” a la the Company’s Quality Assurance Mission Statement.

If you have similar internal factory cleans looming, give us a call for an obligation free quote on (07) 3300 6100.