Driveway Cleaning

Is your driveway, patio or path looking a bit tired and worn? Our high pressure driveway cleaning service can vastly improve appearances.

We’re not just talking domestic driveways, although we do those too. Sometimes the driveways within a unit complex can stretch for a kilometre or more. Some are plain concrete others, exposed aggregate whilst others comprise pavers with weeds growing up between the individual blocks. Yes we can spray these with weed killer, wait the appropriate time for it to work, and then return to pressure clean.

We claim to be the best Brisbane cleaners a lot throughout our site (just try us and see for yourself) but when it comes to driveway cleaning we really are a step ahead of the competition and prove why we are the best.

Our driveway cleaning equipment is the highest quality we could find and we have tried and tested a large range of equipment over the last 29 years to find the best.

We find that the best equipment has to strike a balance between maintaining the integrity of the surface and improving its overall appearance. After exhaustive testing of machinery, some of which wasn’t readily available on the market, we decided to design and build our own.

We know we achieve superior results with driveway cleaning because of the flattering remarks of clients (often in large institutions which regularly schedule this type of maintenance) when the tasks are completed.

These people are seasoned critics because they require this type of work to be done at least annually, usually for reasons of workplace health & safety, but often purely for aesthetics.

So what can you expect from our driveway cleaning, patio and other outdoor surface cleaning service?

You can expect the best service and a quality finish that will make your driveway cleaning look great. Take advantage and order your free quote today – a friendly staff member will contact you very shortly.

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