Roof Cleaning & Restoration Brisbane

The owners of this old Queenslander in Ascot were keen to place their house on the market but a photo including the roof was never going to be a good look in the Real Estate Agents window. We discussed what we thought was the best approach for both roof cleaning Brisbane and some restoration work.

roof cleaning brisbane restoration

Roof Cleaning & Restoration … looking worse for wear

They confessed to being a bit skeptical when we suggested a revitalized roof could actually become a selling point.

Not only was it an eyesore, but it had embarassing leaks as well…just what they didn’t want during property inspections.

Following this remarkable roof cleaning and restoration transformation they were absolutely delighted with the finished product.

Could your roof benefit from this service?  Contact us for your free quote today.

roof cleaning brisbane...yep the same roof

Roof Cleaning & Restoration… Yes folks, it’s the same roof

Roof Cleaning Brisbane

We can clean your roof so it looks new again! No job is too big, small, high, low, wide, dirty or far away. If your roof needs fixing we are also specialists in rebedding, repointing, and repainting tiled and metal roofs. Click on our NEWS blog to see a variety of our roof cleaning Brisbane work or visit the Articles page of our roofing division’s new site at

If you really care about your property, you will soon discover that there is a huge difference in cleaning and restoration methods as well in the skill level of the person performing the work.

Nowhere is this more evident than with roof cleaning Brisbane. Because of this, Waterworks Professional Exteriors has been the trusted professional in the Brisbane area for over 30 years.

Don’t make the costly mistake of cleaning or restoring your roof yourself.  Get it done right the first time with a professional service.

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