Exterior House Cleaning Brisbane

Home exterior cleans demand a keen focus on attention to detail and professionalism.  Why would you trust the cleaning of your Home to just anyone when any one of a number of things can go wrong.

Housewashing in Scarborough

Housewashing in progress


We’ve seen enough of the antics of rogue operators  over the past three decades to know that switched-on home owners are demanding answers to these basic home exterior clean concerns: –

  • Is my garden going to survive the exercise?
  • Is the paintwork going to suffer ill effects?
  • What precautions are taken to minimize electrical failures?
  • What procedures are taken to avoid water (& dare we say it, chemical) ingress through windows and under doors?
  • Does the operator carry appropriate insurance?
  • If it’s necessary to climb on to the roof, what safety precautions are taken by the operator?
  • If a tile is broken will I be advised and the problem rectified …or am I in for a nasty surprise during the next downfall?
  • Will waste water be diverted from my tanks?
Housewashing the mouldy rear

Building rear mould affected

Housewashing success

Paintwork revitalized








We address all of these issues as a matter of course because we’ve been around so long it has become second nature to us. We also clean high rise buildings so we max out on our public liability insurance to match the limits required of the various levels of Government. Personnel are licensed to repair roofs so we know how to walk on your roof without breaking tiles, and in the unlikely event…we know where to procure a replacement. Perhaps more importantly our staff are trustworthy enough to let you know in the first place – we pride ourselves on repeat business and will never let you down.

We clean, stone, brick, concrete, painted surfaces, metal and timber so whatever your needs (even if you are not sure we can help) contact us and make the right decision about your home exterior cleans.

Over the last 30 years we have cleaned countless residences in the Greater Brisbane region. See our recent News Blog http://www.waterworks.com.au/housewashing

to gain some insight into what we do.

Our trusted home exterior cleans service provides:

  • Window cleaning to all areas in and around Brisbane if required
  • Free quote before commencing any work (so no unexpected surprises)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cleaning for any size project – no job is too big or small
  • Safety accreditations and insurances.
  • Quality work you can trust
  • Over 30 years experience (nobody has less than 20 years)

Contact us today for your free quote and partner with a trusted professional.