Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning Brisbane –  Do you have a concrete cleaning need in the Brisbane area for your buildings, parking areas or paving?

Waterworks have been concrete cleaning  in the Greater Brisbane area for over 30 years including; offices, factories, warehouses, shopping centres, driveways, paths, parking areas, walls, roads and even runways.  We provide free quotes for every job and can clean according to your specific needs … anywhere in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Living in Brisbane, we understand that the elements such as air pollution, acid rain and general grime give your buildings and surfaces a shabby tired look. Mould and moss, chewing gum, paint, tread marks, weeds and stains from oil, diesel and other contaminants ruin driveways, parking areas and tennis courts.

The concrete cleaning service from Waterworks will quickly rejuvenate your hard surface areas using various proven techniques. This is often achieved by use of the appropriate chemical in the correct concentration, or by using diesel fired boilers to provide scalding hot water to help free up ingrained stains.


We have completed a vast number of projects over the last three decades and are aware of the problems encountered by our competitors in sending untrained operators out to perform this type of work.

Use of the wrong equipment or wrong operator can have a lasting and hugely damaging affect on the visual presentation of your business premises.

Probably the worst examples of bad concrete cleaning relate to the incorrect use of equipment, such as using too much pressure combined with low volume equipment…such as 5000 psi pressure at 21 litres/ minute. The damage is most pronounced when rotary heads are used, or misused, by an operator eg: leaving the engaged rotary head in a fixed position, particularly on low density (soft concrete), whilst answering a phone call. Similar damage can result from misuse of a turbo head on for instance, a besser wall, causing gouging and/or dislodging the grout.

If you are short on time but would like some concrete cleaning done at your premises, take a few seconds to fill out our free quote request form and we will call you.